Double Degree

This is the most complete experience abroad. Besides learning about a different culture, you have the opportunity to have a Bachelor Degree from one of the universities in the consortium. Open your career opportunities in Germany and Europe

  • Duration: two semesters (one semester classes, one semester industry internship)
  • Start: Ago-Dic Semester
  • Language: German. Few availale spaces in English
  • Partner: Tec de Monterrey
  • Participating German Universities: click here

Current available programs:

  • Industrial Engineering. IIS19
  • Mechanical Engineering. IM19
  • Mechatronics Engineering. IMT19
  • Information Technologies. ITC19

Available soon:

  • Electrical Engineering. IE19
  • Sustainable Development. IDS19
  • Inovation and Development. IID19
  • International Business. BGB19

Your journey

this is the pathway

Your journey begins early. Living and working abroard is not an easy task. It takes time and preparation. This is our recommedation to make your path to a double degree in Germany.

  1. Lear German as soon as possible. Even when is possible to have classes taught in English, a higher level in German will give you more options. Start German classes as son as possible.
  2. Enrol to a program in Tec de Monterrey that has an open option of double degree.
  3. Keep an average in your grades higher than 85
  4. When you´re in your 5th semester, check with Tec de Monterrey  the call from students.
  5. Prepare the important documents. Particulary, it can take some time to get the appropiate language certificates. In your 5th semester you should have a German level certificate prepared.
  6. Apply on your 6ths semester.
  7. Travel to Germany on your 7th semester and take classes with us.
  8. On your 8th semester you´ll do an internship and a Thesis in a company.
  9. Return to Mexico to finish the left credits in your study plan.
  10. Once you finish your study plan in Mexico, you´ll get your bachelor certificate from Germany.

Your stay in Germany

This double degree program will give you the following:

  1. 30 ECTS on your first semester of classes in Germany (usually transfered for “semestre Tec”). Classes are taught in German and/or English. It is possible to take classes exclusively in English, but the offering is smaller.
  2. 30 ECTS on your second semester. In this semester you will go to the industry and work in real life problems, the solutions will be publishen in your bachelor Thesis. Some of these credits you can transfer to your 8th semester in Tec.
  3. Work experience in Germany. During your internship and Theisis in the industry, you´re not only a student, you are a skill worker in a prestigious industry.
  4. Intercultural competencies. You´ll have an immersive experience in the local culture.
  5. Dominion of three different languages. Spanish, English and German will be integrated in your daily life.
  6. A life changing experience!!!


When you finish

Once you finish your studies in Tec de Monterrey we will send you the Bachelor Certificate in just a few weeks.

After your graduation ceremony in Mexico, you send us the following:

  • One picture of your Bachelor Certificate from Tec.
  • One letter from “Escolar” that states that you have finished all your credits in Tec de Monterrey.
  • A German Language certificate in the required level. B2 if you took classes in German, A2 if you took classes in English.