¡Viva México!

+++ Welcome, students from: Tec de Monterrey, UDLAP & UADY +++
+++ 3 different study programs+++
+++ Options for Bachelor and Masters +++

The Mexican-German University Cooperation mdhk offers students from three prestigious universities in Mexico the opportunity of study abroad in different modalities: 1 or 2 exchange semesters, one semester + internshi & double degree programs. There is a program for everyone. Germany is waiting for you. Are you ready?

  • Studies possible in English or German
  • Studies in Engineering and Business faculties.
  • Accreditation of courses
  • Assistance in Spanish, English and German.
  • Opportunity of a exchange studies, internship in German industries or Double Degree in Germany and Mexico
  • Specialized workshops for finding internship and thesis.
  • Schoolarships for travel and cost of living available in some cases.


mdhk Program

Double Degree

Only open for Tec de Monterrey


UDLAP, UADY & Tec de Monterrey


Exchange + Internship

Germany – in the heart of Europe

Germany is five times smaller than Mexico and is located at the center of Europe. There are universities of applied sciences members of the consortium all around the country. One of them can be your first step in a European way of life.

Mexico is Germany’s most important trading partner in Latin America, while Germany is Mexico’s largest trading partner in the European Union. In 2021, bilateral trade amounted to over 20.9 billion euro (2020: 19.1 billion euro). German exports to Mexico totalled 13.2 billion euro with Mexican exports to Germany valued at 7.7 billion euro. German-Mexican trade ranks third behind Mexico’s trade with the United States and China. Automobile manufacturing and components, mechanical engineering, logistics, as well as the chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries, are the main sectors in bilateral trade relations.

Almost 2100 companies with German holdings are registered with the Mexican Secretariat of Economy. Around a third of these firms have their own production plants in the country. German companies have created 300,000 jobs in Mexico. The German model of dual vocational training is of great interest to Mexican firms. Germany is helping Mexico set up its own system in this field. Mexico is an important partner for Germany when it comes to protecting global public goods. Germany and Mexico are thus using Federal Government funding to protect the climate, biodiversity and the environment.

Mexico is a priority country for German cultural relations and education policy and all of Germany’s major cultural organisations are active there. The Goethe-Institut plays a prominent role in cultural cooperation. (source: Auswärtiges Amt; as Sep 22)

Member Universities o Applied Sciences in Germany are located in strategic and important locations around the country.

Take a look at our member´s map here:

Take the time to explorer each region of Germany. Not just the dialects can be different. Culture, cousine, industry and entertainment have their own regional flavor.