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We are very interested in finding out what your future holds for you after participating in a life time experience as studying abroad.

If you are already employed at this time, if you are about to sign an employment contract, or if your are about to start a Master program, we would be very grateful if you could briefly tell us below – in addition to information about yourself and your experience aboard program – the company, position and area of activity.

Furthermore, we would be very pleased if we could contact you again sometime after your graduation and ask you (anonymously) about your further professional career. In order for this to be legally possible, we very much ask you to complete and sign the declaration below in this form.

Please complete the form even if you do not wish to consent (and check „No“ accordingly). If you agree, it would still be very helpful if you would provide us with an e-mail address below.

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    DHIK - mdhk Mobility Programm

    *University in Germany

    *University in Mexico

    Year of experience abroad

    Employment or Graduate Studies status

    Current ocupation

    Position or Graduatestudy Program

    Company or Institution

    I accept to be contacted for Alumni activities, Job Positions, and Statistical studies

    Upcoming events

    We are organizing events for DHIK Alumni. Please indicate the ones you would like to receive an invitation for:

    Erklärung zur hochschulinternen Datennutzung für das Qualitätsmanagement

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